Kickass TV Heroines: A New Blog Series

Who doesn’t love watching incredible women on television? I know I certainly do. But while in recent years we have seen a rise in strong female leads, it’s still not the most common thing to see. There are many, many shows where women purely exist to be love interests, eye candy or worst of all, disposable characters useful only for a hump and a bump off the show. But throughout the years, there have always been amazing women who shone through, whether they existed as a strong lead or a distractingly awesome side character.

This blog series aims to celebrate the women of the small screen, both past and present, and talk about what they mean to me as a lover of the medium. In this series, we will explore science-fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and drama, and look how different writers portray female roles. We will discuss how characters are influenced by their genre, role in the story and time of their shows release, as well as looking at what sets them apart.

Week 1: Buffy Summers

Week 2: Nomi Marks

Week 3: Maze

Week 4: Lagertha

Week 5: Jessica Jones

Week 6: Wynonna Earp

GUEST POST: Claire Fraser (post by Kimothy Gohlich)


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