Kickass TV Heroines: Maze (minor spoilers)


Name: Mazikeen (more commonly known as Maze)

Location: Los Angeles, California

TV Show: Lucifer

Actor: Leslie-Ann Brandt



Most of the time, this series will look at shows with female leads but Maze is proof that sometimes the most kickass character in a show isn’t the lead. Don’t get me wrong, the female lead of Lucifer, Chloe Decker, is pretty damn awesome, but no one can match Mazikeen for pure power, loyalty or simply speaking her mind.

Maze may be a simple demon, rather than an almost-all-powerful fallen angel like her boss/best friend, Lucifer, but she’s certainly more capable of finding her place in the world. While Lucifer’s confident facade occasionally drops, confidence oozes from Maze’s every pore. She’s comfortable being a demon and thinks everybody else should be cool with it as well, be they angel, demon or human. She quite happy being aggressive, overtly sexual and the first to jump into a fight and not just because it’s in her demonic nature, but because it’s what she enjoys in life.

But Maze doesn’t just have incredible physical strength, she also has strength in her convictions and is unwilling to change for anyone. Despite deciding to try to properly integrate herself into the human world later in the series, she still wants to be uniquely Maze, and if that means hanging sex hammocks in her shared living room then so be it.  She also stays true to her realisation that she is more than Lucifer’s servant, even turning down the chance at gaining Lucifer’s beloved convertible to make her point to him by making him pour her a drink. She remains happy to follow his lead but refuses to be treated as less than equal.

That brings us to Maze’s biggest strength: her loyalty. Her friendship once gained is almost impossible to lose, even for those trying to. Maze fights fiercely for those she loves, from stepping in front of blades to protect Lucifer, to jumping into a bar fight to defend Chloe, to glaring down a random to get more trick-or-treat candy/cash for Trixie (Chloe’s daughter). Even when her human best friend, Linda, becomes scared of her after realising Maze’s true nature, Maze sticks by her, determined that their friendship is more important than being from different dimensions. Maze’s loyalty knows no bounds, but it is also her biggest weakness.

Despite being incredibly blunt and aggressive, it’s not Maze’s own choices that get her in trouble the most, rather it’s her loyalty to those around her. Sticking up for Lucifer and making sure he stays safe is pretty much the main cause of all the problems in Maze’s life. It’s what gets her stuck on earth, it’s what gets her into the most fights and it’s certainly what causes the most problems in the other relationships in her life.  Even when it’s inconvenient or even downright dangerous for her, Maze drops everything to help her supernatural best friend and it doesn’t always end well. With Lucifer, the long-term nature of their friendship means that Maze often puts his needs before her own, even if means causing pain to herself or others. It fully destroys her first chance at friendship on earth, and possibly her only chance at love. In this case, her loyalty to Lucifer is almost closer to co-dependence, neither can fully make sense of the world without the other.

Having said that, none of this ultimately takes away from Maze’s internal strength. She is someone who is unashamedly confident in who she is and isn’t afraid to stand out in the human world. Once she has made up her mind about something, be it friendship or knowledge about the workings of the world, nothing shakes her convictions. She may be incredibly physically strong, but it is her strength of character and quality of friendship that makes her such a kickass female character.




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  1. Maze has an episode in season three where she really is the lead, called “Mr & Mrs Mazikeen Smith”. She gets to engage in lots of badassery, as well as some human-like emotion.

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