Weekend Breakfast 17/12/17

Hello dear readers,

Take a seat, let’s share some breakfast and chat about where we’ve been at this week!


In life…

This week has been a bit of a race to get our apartment sorted before my other half heads up to Queensland to spend Christmas with his family. As my mother isn’t well, I made the decision to stay down here, so we’re ending up spending our Christmas (and his birthday) apart, which sucks. He headed off a few days ago, and I’m noticing that extra space in the apartment a lot, so I gave myself a couple of all-important mental health days this week (hence no Thursday post).

I also got some bad news about my health this week. I can’t absorb iron in a whole variety of different ways, and iron injections into my bloodstream have just been struck off the list too. After getting that news I came home and wrote a long piece about my experiences with chronic illness, and I was overwhelmed by the positive and supportive response. Thank you all so much!

Finally, in preparation for Christmas and friends visiting I started baking bread again, which I haven’t done in ages. The whole house smells like a bakery right now, and I’m hoping to have some photos of homemade pastries for next week’s Weekend Breakfast! Fingers crossed!


In gaming…

I continue to play the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, and continue to love it to pieces. It’s been really comforting to escape into another world while playing it and has been a great comfort on my mental health days. It just confirms what J. E. Skye was saying in his fantastic piece on RPGs a few weeks back, they really can positively affect our moods and mental health.


In watching…

What a week for watching things it’s been! I watched Room for the first time after listening to everyone I know who’d previously watched it sing its praises for the last few years. Somewhat unsurprisingly (given Brie Larson’s Best Actress Oscar), it is just as brilliant as everyone claims, and much more hopeful that I assumed it would be. I love the fact that it’s so clearly from Jack’s (Jacob Tremblay) point of view, it gives the film a strange innocence. There are fantastic performances all-round, and the directing is spectacular.  I highly recommend seeing it.

To switch to a totally different tone, I also watched the film adaptation of Need for Speed. I have a deep and undying love for bad movies, and boy did Need for Speed tick all those boxes. It’s fun, incredibly silly and super-dumb. I should also point out that it’s still one of the best video game movies I’ve seen, and it’s so depressing how low the quality of a movie can be, and still be a good video game movie.

Finally, I caught up on Riverdale. I’ve really enjoyed the second season so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more, as I think this whole thrill ride we’ve been going on is far from over.


Finally, one of the biggest things that happened this week was Fistful of Glitter hitting fifty followers! I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for choosing to read and support my work! It really means a lot! I would love to hear what you have all been up to this week, please let me know in the comments!!!





Breakfast photo provided by Hilary Mason on Flickr

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt image provided by Christoper TD on Flickr




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