Creative Christmas: A Gift for Someone Special

This is the first of a series suggested by Kim over at Later Levels, which is an excellent and very friendly gaming blog. I highly recommend checking it out. This series lasts over the Christmas/New Year period, and while I’m not taking part every day, I’m definitely going to try to as much as I can as it looks like heaps of fun!

Today’s subject: You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?


My boyfriend and I are both super into video games and frequently spend time playing different games side by side when we are at home together. It’s almost like our version of watching a movie. It’s rare that we get to actually share the gaming experience together though as there aren’t many couch co-op games that we’re both interested in. The first game that transcended this problem, and probably had the most interesting way of doing it, was Failbetter’s Fallen London.

I had played Fallen London for quite a while back in high school and had played it on and off with different characters over the years. Eventually, I would lose interesting in the limited action system and wander off to play/read/watch something else, but that interest in the wonderfully steampunk world of Fallen London would always call me back. I happened to be restarting a playthrough of it when my other half and I met. It didn’t take much of my ranting about the Face Tailor, Bohemians and the Traitor Empress’ cats for me to interest him too. After all, who couldn’t be fascinated by such mystery?

Experiencing Fallen London as half of a couple was a totally different experience. We competed against each other for the highest stats in Dangerous, Shadowy, Persuasive and Watchful and debated which faction was the best to join, but we were always there for each other to listen to nightmares and lay a false trail for the guards. We shared the highs and lows of the city together, and although our storylines never directly interacted, it was lovely to be able to share the experience together.

Neither my partner or I play Fallen London anymore, both of us have moved on to other games, but it would be lovely to go back and visit, even better to visit the real thing. So for my gift, I choose to give my lovely other half two tickets to spend the season in the Neath.


For those who want to see other people’s answers, or maybe answer a few Creative Christmas questions yourselves, head on over to Creative Christmas at Later Levels.


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      1. It’ll be interesting to see how much it has changed since I last played, which was probably at least four years ago. I’ll install the app and give it a go on my commute. 🙂

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