Creative Christmas: A Merry Gaming Memory

This is the second post in a series suggested by Kim over at the Later Levels blog, it’s something I highly recommend checking out. Bloggers have been challenged to write about our favourite Christmas-related gaming things, and many people have stepped up to the plate, including your friendly, neighbourhood GeekyWriterChick.

Today’s challenge: You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?


Somewhat surprisingly, I don’t have a whole lot of gaming memories around Christmas. Most of my Christmas days have been spent in situations where gaming wasn’t an option or was only a very brief part of my day. I’ve had Christmases where I’ve snuck in an hour or so of Skyrim, and a rather amusing one where friends came over late at night to play Lego Marvel Superheroes, but only one stands out as a truly memorable gaming experience.

Around the end of the year before last, I lost my laptop in an epic that would probably make a decent Icelandic saga in terms of length and drama. As a result, it took me about a year and a bit to get another. In that time, games were limited to my Xbox 360 and my phone, and many of the games I really loved (PC exclusives) languished away in my Steam account untouched. But then came Christmas day…

I happened to be spending Christmas at my partner’s family’s house, and in the lull that inevitably strikes during every Christmas day, someone suggested I be loaned a laptop and so I could access my account. After all, everyone else was busy with something they enjoyed, and I was just sitting around. I logged in and downloaded one of the games I’d missed the most: Darkest Dungeon.

In the time since I’d played, Darkest Dungeon had gone from being in early access to being fully released, and boy! was it wonderful and different! Each mission was short enough that I could look up every now and then to make sure I wasn’t needed, but engaging enough to fully hold my attention. It’s a game I totally love the world of, so being drawn back in wasn’t a problem, in fact, it kind of felt familiar, like coming back to a decrepit old family home after a long journey away. Here I was again, fixing the ruins left by my uncle and sending overly-cocky adventures out to clear the warrens, the weald, the ruins and the cove, only to have them return with broken limbs and spirits. I love anything that takes the piss out of the gothic fiction genre, and no one makes fun of it like Darkest Dungeon.

It would still be another couple of months before I got a computer of my own again, but having that day to delve back into something I really missed meant a lot to me. Even more so because I was surrounded by people who are very special to me. It wasn’t just a gaming highlight of Christmas, it was one of the highlights of my Christmases in general.


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