Creative Christmas: A Helper for Santa

Over the past few days, I have been taking part in a collaboration of games bloggers posting about game-related things to do with Christmas. The questions we’ve been answering have been posed to us by Kim over at Later Levels, who brilliantly came up with this whole shenanigan.

Today’s question: You receive a call from Santa, as the elves desperately need a hand in the workshop getting all the toys ready. Which video game character would you recruit to help out?


I have recently been playing my way through the Witcher Games for the first time (in fact you can find posts on The Witcher (PC) and Witcher: Assassins of Kings on this very blog) so it’s somewhat unsurprising that a Witcher character immediately sprung to mind when I was asked this question. Sure, I then tried to think of other characters who could help Santa out, without being as vulgar or taking control of Santa’s workshop, but in the end, I could think of no one better.

The character? Triss Merigold.

In the first Witcher game, Geralt is tasked with bringing a princess her favourite dish, which just so happens to be the raw meat of a beast not found in Temaria, where the game is set. For many men, this would be an impossible challenge, but not so our witcher, because he happens to know the right people (or person in this case). Geralt swans over to Triss, and simply asks for her to summon a dish with her magical powers. Triss replies somewhat cheekily about the infinite amount of things she could summon but complies. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES WHEN IT COMES TO HELPING SANTA!

This kid wants something complicated? Bam! Created!

They’ve run out of consoles at the North Pole? Portal to the store for more!

You want a metaphysical concept for Christmas? Triss could probably make that happen for you!

And of course, Triss could call on the rest of the Lodge of Sorceresses for help. After all, ensuring Santa brings Christmas gifts is a world-concerning issue.

The one downside? Sorceresses, including Triss, kinda like being in control of things, and often dislike relinquishing their power to others. There’d be a pretty high possibility that Santa and the elves would be relegated to a corner of the workshop to simply watch as the Lodge (or at least Triss) conjured every present in the world. And they’d probably need at least one favour from Santa afterwards too. Hopefully, that could be resolved with a sleigh ride and a mug of mulled wine, rather than anything too drastic.


If you would like to see my answer to the previous day’s question, it can be found here, or you can read all of my answers by clicking on the Creative Christmas tag.

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  1. Great answer! I’ve yet to play a Witcher game, but you make some great points 🙂 Also bonus points for being the first Day 3 post I’ve read, haha.

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