Creative Christmas: A Christmassy Game

For the last few days, a bunch of bloggers (including myself) have been challenged by Kim at the always awesome Later Levels blog to write a series of games-related posts across Christmas and New Year. All of them are in response to a question or prompt, and so far have been heaps of fun to write (even if I did take a couple of days off for Christmas).

Today’s question: The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?


I have to admit, a couple of answers spring to mind when I think of the perfect game to play on Christmas day. I could answer Darkest Dungeon as I had so much fun playing it on Christmas day last year. I could answer Witcher 3 as it was the game I couldn’t wait to get back to playing after my Christmas day celebrations ended. I could answer Sexy Brutale as the game my other half most wanted me to check out on Christmas day so he could live vicariously through me. But none of these games really capture the fun of my Christmas this year. To me, at least, nothing captures fun like a quite frankly ridiculous amount of minigames.

And for a quite frankly ridiculous amount of minigames, there has only been one place for me this year, and that is Yakuza: 0.

Yakuza 0 is about Kiryu Kazama who, upon being thrown out of the Yakuza for a murder he did not commit, finds himself working for a shady real estate company playing literally every minigame there is to offer in Kamurocho. As far as I’m concerned it was worth getting kicked out of the yakuza to become slot car racing champion and a whizz at disco dancing. It certainly seems to be a lot more fun.

But when we talk about Yakuza 0 and minigames, really there is only one for me. As much as I enjoy chatting up hostesses and playing the telephone club game, the one minigame that gets me the most excited is karaoke. Why? Because I became totally obsessed. I played the song Judgement over thirty-four times during the course of my first playthrough so I could become good enough to beat the Leisure King when he challenged me to a game. Practising it over and over again, with breaks to play Heartbreak Mermaid and Rogue of Love is genuinely my favourite gaming memory of 2017.

There’s nothing like playing some old favourites on Christmas day, and I think that playing some new favourites would be equally fun. I definitely think that Yakuza: 0 would be my go-to this year.


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