Creative Christmas: The 9 Days of Christmas

For those of you who missed it due to Christmas and New Year Holidays, recently I took part in the Later Levels Creative Christmas challenge, which was set by Kim. The challenge? To write a response to a gaming based prompt on a daily basis across the twelve days of Christmas and New Year.  I managed nine days (with a couple off for family Christmas celebrations). Here, in their entirety, are my responses.

Day 1: A Gift for Someone Special

Day 2: A Merry Gaming Memory

Day 3: A Helper for Santa

Day 4: A Gaming Soundtrack

Day 5: Of Mistletoe and Lamposts

Day 6: CHRISTMAS EVE (no post)

Day 7: CHRISTMAS (no post)

Day 8: BOXING DAY (no post)

Day 9: Time for Food!

Day 10: A Christmassy Game

Day 11: A NYE Outfit to Stun

Day 12: In the New Year I’ll play…

Day 13 (BONUS): The results are in…

Very special thanks go to everyone that participated in Creative Christmas as well. Let me know which of your posts you liked the best and I’ll link to them at the bottom of this one!


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