Late Week Brunch 11/01/18

This was written for last weekend, but on the day it was meant to go up we had a flood in our apartment! Everything was okay, but it meant having to move out for a few days. Stuff’s more or less back to normal now, so hopefully, the blog will be soon too. 


It’s a new year, let’s check in what we’ve all been up to in the holiday season and celebrate with some breakfast!

In life…

What a busy couple of weeks it’s been! Christmas, New Year and our first inspection in our new apartment all within a two week period. It’s been hectic but great, particularly as I’ve had my other half back home for most of it after he was away spending Christmas with his family. It’s been lovely to catch up with friends after they got back from their Christmas travels as well, and my group of friends and I celebrated “friend Christmas” (which we do almost every year) on the 27th. Three of my close friends and I have been part of the same friendship group since grade one at school, and it’s a tradition we have of touching base with each other in the festive season.

New Year itself was pretty quiet, particularly as my other half and I were both in the process of coming down with the flu. We even forgot to celebrate midnight because we were too busy watching trailers for bizarre Bollywood movies on Netflix… It’s a strange life we lead. New Year’s Day was spent eating with family, and visiting the Hyperreal exhibition at the National Gallery. It’s an exhibit of incredibly life-like sculpture and one of the creepiest experiences I’ve had in my life. One of the rooms is filled with realistic looking statues of old men in wheelchairs who wheel around you by navigating with sensor lights. It was AMAZING, but absolutely terrifying at the same time.

I also got some very exciting news, which I’m hoping to share on the blog in a couple of weeks, but right now it has a big ol’ embargo on it. Hopefully, it will suffice to say that there is VERY exciting news coming soon!!!


In games…

I think every PC gamer I know simultaneously looks forward to and dreads the Steam end of year sale. It’s great because games are cheap, but bad because you end up buying so many of them! I managed to restrain myself this year with only six relatively small purchases. I’m planning to talk about a bunch of them on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for more games related discussion soon.

The one game that I’ve really had a chance to dig my teeth into since buying it is Game Dev Tycoon, which is far more addictive than it should be. I’ve had it for four days and I’ve finished the storyline twice already. What I’m probably enjoying the most is being able to put my own nerdy references in (my favourite so far being an RPG called Time and Space Effect), but it’s also great because you always feel like you’re learning. Even making mistakes in Game Dev Tycoon feels like an important part of the learning process and I find the more I work at it, the more successful I can become. It’s the first management sim I’ve played in a long time that has captured the feeling of rewarding the player for their hard work properly.

I have, of course, also continued playing Witcher 3, which is still amazing and incredible. I’m shying away from the main story at the moment in order to finish off a bunch of side quests, which is fun (but very frustrating when I forget to save).

I’m going to have a lot less time in the upcoming week for games, but I’m hoping to have a look at a few of the other games I bought (The Sexy Brutale and Undertale most likely). Here’s hoping that I’ll have a few new first impressions for you next week!


In television…

My other half was not only away for Christmas, he was also away for his birthday. I was really sad we couldn’t be together for that in particular and was really struggling to cope in the evening so I turned to one of the things that always comforts me: nerdy TV. I scrolled through Stan until I found an appropriately cheesy looking fantasy show in the form of Lost Girl. I figured I’d watch a few episodes and then forget about it, but I was unprepared for how addictive that show is. It’s been responsible for so many late nights recently it’s ridiculous. Definitely one of the most fun things I’ve watched in a long time!


In movies…

I FINALLY SAW THE LAST JEDI! I’d been putting it off seeing it until my partner got home as I didn’t want to cry in the cinema by myself (it’s very rare I see Carrie Fisher’s face without tearing up, she’s one of my idols). Avoiding spoilers was getting to the stage where it was pretty much impossible and still things kept coming up so my other half and I couldn’t get to the cinema. In the end, we were both sick in the screening, but it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take the films from here.


Hoping you all have a great week!



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