A Collection of What-I’ve-Been-Doing

After mentioning on Fistful of Glitter a couple of times before, I figured some of you might like to read some of my work from elsewhere on the internet. Most of it is for a wonderful gaming website called “The Gamers Lounge” which I highly recommend having a look at. At the moment, this is where most of my energy is going, but I’m hoping to start writing here again in the next couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, you can find me at Gamers Lounge or elsewhere (links below).


Morgan at The Gamers Lounge

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Review – One of my favourite things I have reviewed this year, and incredibly underrated as it turns out. If you read only one thing from the reviews and articles I have written for Gamers Lounge, make it this.

Light Fall Review – Despite not particularly liking the game, this review definitely inspired some of the stuff I’m wanting to start writing about, both here and elsewhere on the internet. Writing this review was quite difficult in many ways, as I felt very restricted by the review format, so expect to hear more about it (and other Kickstarted games) on Fistful of Glitter

Moonlighter Review – Some of the most fun I’ve had writing a review, as well as the first review I’ve ever written with someone else.

My Gamers Lounge Profile – If you want to go all out and read everything I’ve written for The Gamers Lounge, you can do so here.

Dark Clouds Sun Shining Light Edge Light Rays

Morgan Elsewhere on the Internet

10 Terrible Movies We Love Anyway (for Taste of Cinema) – A really fun article to write, and one that I’m quite proud of, not only because it’s quite funny but because I managed to sit through the entirety of Showgirls while writing it.

Morgan’s Interview Feature (my interview by the brilliant J.E Skye at Bipolar Writer) – An interview J.E Skye did with me about my experience of mental illness. It’s still one of the things I’m most proud of being part of.


I’m planning on adding more to this list as I get more freelance work, so stay tuned.

Games images from Where The Water Tastes Like Wine by Good Shepard Entertainment and Dim Bulb Games


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