About the Blog…


Welcome to Fistful of Glitter, my way of sharing the things I love the most (mainly video games, movies, television and books, with just a sprinkling of other things) with the world.

I decided to start Fistful of Glitter after my life fell apart a bit in one of the most difficult years of my life. I lost my job. I had to sell my family house very quickly (yay! financial issues). Worst of all, my two remaining family members both got very seriously sick. It was enough to make me believe that there was almost no good left in the world, so I started Fistful of Glitter to remind me of the stuff I love. Hopefully, you’ll find some stuff you love here too.


About the Writer…

My name is Morgan aka TheGeekyWriterChick and I am a story addict. I love all mediums of story-telling, which is probably why I became a writer. I love picking apart stories to see what makes them tick and to look at the inner cogs within. I also love sharing those things with other people and have been known to force my friends to watch my favourite films and TV series to watch their reactions. I have also been known to write and produce sci-fi and fantasy short films and spend far too much time visiting the local zoo.